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Why Cruelty-free isn't just a slogan for us...


Bella Vida SB is so very proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-free.  But our commitment to animals doesn't just end there. 

Together, with 300 other cosmetic companies,  we have signed the "Humane Cosmetics Act" petition put forth by the Humane Society of the US.  We are Advocating to end Animal Testing in the Cosmetics Industry.  A bipartisan bill will be reintroduced to Congress to end senseless and cruel testing on animals in the name of "beauty."  

Please check this list to see if the companies you love are on here.  If not,  please message them or share our post on Social media and tag them and ask them to kindly support this bill.  There are MANY wonderful companies who are cruelty free who have not yet signed this bill, so this is critical we get as many companies on here as possible so Congress will take ACTION!  

I have been advocating for stopping animal testing since 1993 when I first joined PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  There is absolutely NO reason this should still be happening... It is time to hold these companies accountable, and if they won't stop testing on animals by themselves,  then tell Congress to make them stop.

Thank you for supporting Companies that are Cruelty free.  And remember, just because it says "Natural" or "Plant-Based"  does not mean they are Cruelty-free.  If they don't say Cruelty-free, they probably are not. 

Check out the list here and please pass this on! Thank you!

For the love of animals,  Erin Schmidt, Founder & CEO of Bella Vida Santa Barbara

 Click here to view the current list as of April 26, 2019:

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