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Why you are more beautiful than you may think!

10 Thg 3, 2019

Beauty Begins Inside is our motto here because beauty means so much more than just a pretty face. Beauty, to me, means your inner light is radiating from your heart ♥️ and shining out into the world. That is True Beauty.  While having Beautiful skin, makeup, hair and clothes is certainly nice... it’s what is Inside that counts and lasts!!! That might sound trite and cliche, but it really is very true, I have come to realize.

When I was growing up,  I was very shy.  And because my brother and I both had bright Red Hair,  everywhere we went people would comment on it.  I would run and hide behind my mom, grabbing her legs and burying my face. My brother ate it up though because he is the social butterfly.   I just wanted people to leave me alone! 

As I grew up,  I remember wishing I had Blonde hair and blue eyes and the name "Lisa" instead of Red Hair, freckles and green eyes with name "Erin" which was a pretty uncommon name at that time and no one else had it that I knew... Now, of course, it is a much more common name.  

On TV, movies and in magazines, Traditional beauty models were always Blonde hair and blue eyes or brown hair and brown eyes.  The first Red head I remember seeing in a Movie was Annie.  And I am not so sure I thought she was what I wanted to look like, but at least she was someone who had red hair.  

As a teenager,  I was self-conscious and did not feel pretty.  I looked at all the popular girls and wished I looked like them.  I started to feel more confident in high school as I became more sure of myself, however, I still struggled with self-esteem at times. 

Now I embrace my Uniqueness.  I am not the "traditional picture" of beauty by many American standards, but I feel beautiful and I work at being happy and healthy on the inside and outside. 

So if you are struggling to feel beautiful or feel good about yourself, Always remember that “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent!!!” 🦋💗

Your Beauty is Unique and Special because there is ONLY ONE YOU! 💗

I Love You All! 😘 Erin XOXO 

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