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On Living a Bella Vida Podcast, we feature inspiring celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs and even doctors, who are helping change the world and make it a more beautiful place.

Host, Erin Schmidt, uncovers the secrets to living a life of beauty, happiness and peace, staying motivated to go after your dreams and how our guests have overcome immense obstacles, such as illness, addictions, depression, limiting beliefs and self doubt.

We are on a mission to help the world live a truly beautiful life by loving ourselves, loving each other and changing the world for the better.

With editor in chief of Bella Vida Magazine, a luxury magazine about living a beautiful life. We feature spiritual leaders, change makers, artists and people making a difference in the world. 

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1. Georges Tomb: Award-Winning Composer, Launching 7/11

2. Goldy Locks: Rockstar, philanthropist and former pro WWE wrestler, Launching 7/18

3. Krista Kim: World famous Digital Artist, NFT expert and advocate, Launching 7/25

4.  Eric Roberts and Eliza Roberts: Hollywood actor and icon: LAUNCHES 8/22

5. Rabbi Jason Sobel: Messianic Rabbi, TV Show host and consultant to "The Chosen"

6. Miriam Sobel: Worship Singer and wife of Rabbi Jason Sobel

7. Ed Begley Jr.: Hollywood actor and Environmental Activist 

8. Wendy Starland: Discovered Lady Gaga and launched her career, Singer, Songwriter, Professional Model

9. Pastor Aaron Lindsey: 6 time Grammy Award winning Producer, Songwriter and Musician, Pastor of Believe LA 

10. Dr. Joy Kong: Psychiatrist with clinic Chara Health. Expert on Stem Cell Therapy and Ketamine Therapy, Launched 7/8