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11 Reasons to Refill your Skincare and not buy new! Be a Zero Waste Hero!

2020년 3월 4일

Zero Waste has been a "thing" for a long time, but it is now becoming a crucial reason for which companies you choose to support and buy from.   For those who aren't sure why they should Refill their Skincare items, we thought we'd drop some knowledge on the Environmental reasons to Refill vs.  Buying new.

Zero Waste Refills vs. Buying New Items:

1.  When you Refill, the amount of Carbon Emissions released into the atmosphere goes down by at least half.  Carbon emissions is created in manufacturing new jars, tops, transporting those to companies and then transporting to consumers.

2.  Refilling means you are not adding Plastic or Glass Waste into landfills or creating additional carbon emissions and water waste to recycle items.

3.  Refilling means you are saving Trees by not creating more of our beautiful Wood tops. 

4.  Refilling means you are saving more Plastics from entering the waste stream which never biodegrade.

5.  Refilling means you are helping to save Oceans from Plastics if these end up entering the water steam. And you are saving Ocean Life from ingesting these plastics, which can be deadly. 

6.  Refilling means you cut down on the effects of Mining and Forestry, wasted paper, Water and transporting of new goods, containers, and postal carrier carbon emissions. 

7. Refilling means you SAVE 40-50% off the Regular Retail Price forever! 

8. When you support companies that have Refill Programs, you are proving to Larger Skincare Corporations that this is a Viable and Profitable Business practice that they too should be offering! In fact, you should write to your favorite companies and tell them you WANT them to offer Refills instead of being wasteful.

9. By advocating that other large companies offer Refills,  we can avoid MILLIONS of Tons, if not BILLIONS of tons of Wasted Carbon Emissions, Water waste and Plastic Pollution.  

10. Remember that every small action each person takes adds up to CHANGE and improvements for Mother Earth.  

11.  Please Share this Blog Post and tell your Friends on Social Media that they should Support Companies, Like Bella Vida SB Skincare, that offer Zero Waste Refill Programs. 

With love,  Erin Schmidt, Owner of Bella Vida SB, Luxury Clean Skincare

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