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Is Biodegradable plastic really safe for the Earth?

Bella Vida SB is proud to be working to get as close to Zero Waste and Plastic Free as possible.  It is sadly very difficult to not have any plastics in cosmetics due to issues with not letting liquids or creams leak from jars and bottles during shipping.  

While shopping for Eco-friendly shipping materials,  one of the companies we source shipping materials and supplies from, EcoEnclose, I came across this great article from their blog on how Bio-Plastics are really not safe for the Oceans and often are very misleading.

That is why we source boxes and containers that contain little to no plastics and we started our Zero Waste Refill program on our bottles and jars.  That way we can keep our bottles and jars out of landfills and the oceans.  For more info on our Zero Waste Refill program, click here:

  For the complete article on bioplastics, go to EcoEnclose and read their great article here.

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